Monday, August 30, 2010

so much more

Goodness, there is always so much more that I plan to blog about, and then I forget, and then I remember again, and forget again. I even put a notepad by the computer, and I still forget to write it down, or Miss Kylie climbs up on the chair and grabs it....because it has cats on it and then well, once the paper has been through her hands, there is no point in keeping it.

Some things have jogged back into my memory, so I need to share them before they slip away again.

So I have mentioned that Kylie and I have been cooking together more secret hopes that it will get her to eat more of the things that cause her stress a bit (anything sticky, goeey, or lately...anything new).

Last week or the week before, we made cupcakes together. She helped dumped the mix into the bowl, helped me pour the liquids into the bowl, and then helped me mix it. I was worried that the sound of the mixer would bother her, but she was surprisingly okay with it...yay!

I even let her help me hold the measuring cup as we dumped the mix into the cupcake liners....oh yeah, she helped put them in the cupcake pan too! I was happy that she didn't try to yank it out of my hand and get cake batter everywhere....I'm not quite ready for anything like that just yet.

Once they cooled, I got a can of icing and set things up for her to spread it on her cupcake. Here is some video of her doing her best to work with something that bothers her...the stickyness of the icing. You will see how she likes her cupcakes plain.

She did great trying to do it, so I was super proud of her for that!

Not to take away from a cute, and happy time, but you probably noticed Kylie's head go back toward the end of the video. These are those motor stereotypies that have crept back into things. As far as Kylie goes, they typically happen when she is really excited or stressed. This instance was a bit of both, she was excited for the treat of a cupcake and a bit of anxiety because of all she worked up to in order to get it.

Just a few days ago, Kylie helped me make some homemade pizza dough. I let her dump more flour in the mixer little by little. As we got closer to the end, I let her scoop it out and then dump into the mixer. She did great again! She was a bit confused and bothered when the mixer started to move a bit. This happens as we near the end of the mixing process when the dough is getting thicker. Her therapist always tells us she has great coping skills and she does...she just got down from the stool to get away from it, when she got uncomfortable.

Here are some pics from that day.

So I am saving the best for last :)

Kylie is like a mini genius or something. I know, I know, every parent thinks their kids are so smart and cute...duh, they are :) You see, whenever we make a run to Target or Walmart we pass some horses on our way. Kylie knows where we are in our drive, and will start signing horse just as we are about to approach where the horses typically are. Matt and I just look at each other and say, "she is so smart!"

I think it was last week sometime, I wanted to run to a store in the mall to get something. We made sure to never mention the word mall when Kylie was around, because she knows that there is a play area there, and will expect us to go there...something we didn't have the time to do. Anyhow, we are at the stoplight before the mall and Kylie starts saying mall and play. I was absolutely amazed, because we haven't been playing in the mall play area since that incident of when some kid knocked her down. How about that...she is one smart cookie!

Oh, and the latest super Kylie instinct was us driving home from Bass Pro today. We were out that way the other day and there are railroad tracks along part of the drive home. Anyway, there were some trains parked on the tracks, so we pointed them out to Kylie. Well today, when we were heading home that way again, she started to say dooo dooo. I was wondering if she was referring to one of the songs on her cd, and Matt was like no, she is trying to say choo choo. Sure enough, she is looking out the window for trains, and doing her best imitation of a train...dooo dooo.

Absolutely love this little girl!

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