Friday, August 13, 2010

O-H...I-O (last segment)

We ended up extending our trip to one more day, and it was definitely worth it! You see, my brother and dad and into drag racing and not only does my brother race, but he and my dad help out another guy on his pit crew.

Anyhow, there was a big event going on at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH on the day we were supposed to leave, and they really wanted us to attend. My mom got the night off of work and we were able to get our return flight changed at no extra, that doesn't happen often!

My brother was scheduled to take his car down for qualifying just after 9am, and we made it there in time to see him go down. Kylie stayed in the RV with my mom, watching her Elmo movie and Signing Time dvds and eating lots and lots of cookies. It is so true that grandparents fill up the little ones with sugar and give them whatever they's pretty cute too! I love how much they enjoy her :)

So yeah, we got to put our names on my brother Joey's sheet for the race, and I didn't hear it, but my dad said they announced us as part of his crew...yep, we are big time :) As we were getting closer to Joey racing I was all teary eyed and so nervous. Joey has always been a hard worker and a good kid, so I was really proud to see him do something that he loves so much and do so great at it. At the same time I wanted him to be okay.

Sorry, I know this blog is supposed to be all about Kylie, but there were some moments I experienced through all of this that I hope prepares me for future moments with Kylie. I kinda feel like I can imagine what my parents felt as they saw their son race and have him be a part of something that he enjoys and that makes my parents worry a lot for his safety. Just the excitement, and being a proud parent, yet wanting to protect them from so much, and wanting them to be safe and happy, and treated equally. Just lots of emotions were going on for me in our last day there.

So here is a slideshow of pics of my brother and his car, and a couple pics of Kylie either with Matt or dancing in the RV and playing with the dog and Papa. And for the car enthusiast, here is a
link to the video Matt took when my brother raced that day.

We also got a chance to take Kylie to an area that they had set up for kids. She absolutely loved jumping around in the bounce house! So much so, that she screamed and cried when we took her out of it. Matt and I were in there with her at different times, and I will admit that it is pretty fun to jump around in them. Most of the time she was in it, we were the only ones playing in it, so that was kinda nice for her to have the new experience without too much stress from being around new people.

The only downer was that you could still hear a lot of the noise from some of the louder cars (especially the Funny cars), and every so often it would scare Kylie, but it didn't last long before she was bouncing around again. I was really proud that she was able to let her excitement and fun for the bounce house overcome the noises that scared her. She is just growing up and doing so well with coping with her sensory issues! She is truly an awesome little lady.... she will forever be our baby :)

Here is some video and pics of Kylie having a great time playing and bouncing around during our last day in Ohio.

I just want to give a big thank you to my family for everything they did for us while we were there with them. It was by far one of the best visits I have had! I know Kylie has a lot to do with that...she has changed so many lives and hearts from the moment we knew we were going to start a family. She is an amazing little girl and she has blessed us in more ways than we ever thought possible!

Kinda funny how differently you look at life not only when you have your own children, but when you have gone through the unthinkable, the I didn't know this was even possible, or the I don't know if and how we will ever get through this. Nothing is the same anymore, but so much is better and has more value and meaning to life. I think...I know, that we have more to treasure and celebrate because every little step or hop (Kylie loves to hop and jump around all the time now) Kylie makes is more like leaps and bounds beyond belief.

We knew she was a miracle and if we didn't already know and see that...her doctor reminded us of that when we saw him. He knows she is doing great and we know how blessed she has been...we have all been through her.

Who knew someone so little could touch so many lives and inspire us to do more and be better for her and ourselves and everyone around us. Okay, I need to stop there or I will go on and on and probably lose most of you. Perhaps I have already..I'm good at that :)

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