Tuesday, August 3, 2010

O-H...I-O (Part 2)

Of course Ma'amMa and Papa had a pool and more toys for Kylie to play with outside. Here are some pics of her playing in the water and just exploring outside.

Abbey...the dog, was inside and Kylie had fun walking up to the front door and Kylie would laugh each time the dog barked and jumped up.

Kylie spotted an ant crawling around and she was intent on following where it went.

Don't you just love how this pic came out!

A bad storm had come by, and Kylie wanted to sit outside on the porch while Matt was out there. I thought this pic was just so cute, so I had to take it.

One of my high school friends came over to visit. Kylie tried to sit on my lap while I was holding her little girl....apparently she doesn't like to share her mommy too well :) We had a good time catching up on things and sharing mommy stories.

Kylie doing her infamous lean in and put her head down hug to the baby.

We went to a Mahoning Valley Scrappers game while we were in Ohio. Matt loves baseball and they had a bunch of kid stuff going on that day. They did face painting, but we had to opt for the leg, and Kylie still wasn't much of a fan. Santa Claus was also there passing out candy.... Christmas in July...Kylie was not a fan of him.

Enjoying her hotdog at the game. I need to get her saying hotdog on video so you can all hear how cute it sounds!

They gave away webkinz to all kids that attended the game. Matt asked one of the players is they had a ball for the baby...though we all know it was really for him :)

My mom got Kylie tons of clothes and this is just one of the super cute outfits she got her. She looked so cute, that I just couldn't stop taking pictures!

Kylie loved chasing my parents dog around and trying to pet her and feed her everything she could. She was tickled to death when we would help her hold Abbey.

Sometimes we hold Kylie like a baby, because she thinks it is silly.

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