Monday, April 5, 2010

Purple Power!

We were so happy to see those who wore purple in support of Kylie and all others that have been afflicted with epilepsy.

A group of us at Matt's work. Nikki, Dave, Bobbie, Kylie, Me, Dylan, Felicia, Matt, and Greg.

Kylie and Matt

My friend Celina, down in Florida. She was at Disney with her family, but made time to stop and take this pic for Kylie.

Bobbie, Dylan, Me, and Kylie

My friend Jen, sporting some purple at work for Kylie.

Our friend Monica (back row, 1st person from left) and a bunch of her co-workers. I cried when I got the pic, after I saw how many people wore purple for Kylie.

Some of Matt's co-workers. Colter, Greg, Dave, Matt, Anna, Felicia, and Bobbie.

Kylie and Me. See the purple necklace in her hand. She got it at the doctor's office that day. It's as if they knew purple was her color.

Thank you again to everyone who wore purple for Kylie and all others with epilepsy! It was so great to see the love and support for our princess. If you have a pic and haven't sent it to me yet, just know you still can and I will add it to the blog.

For more information about Purple Day and the young lady that got it all together, click here.


baby trevor's mommy said...

You got dudes to sport purple! Sweet!


MJStump said...

it is a little easier to get the guys out here to wear purple.

a lot of people out here either went to or are k-state fans...their colors are purple.

we'll take it however we can get it :)


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