Monday, April 26, 2010

Classic Kylie Moments

So Kylie is just Amazing and so Sweet. I can never say that enough! I wanted to share so many Kylie moments that make her special to us and that we simply can not get enough of.

For one she absolutely loves the Signing Time dvds that we have been checking out from the library. She knows how to turn on the dvd player and receiver and then immediately signs Yes, because she wants us to do the rest and turn on her movies. Matt says she is skipping the middle man by immediately signing Yes, and not even giving us the chance to ask her if she wants to watch them.

Another tag on the Signing Time dvds, is that I made a list of all the signs that she knows, and I got a little over 60! I'm sure it is more like 70 or even 80. Either way, she is awesome and knows so much! She gets excited when we know what she is signing and she just smiles and lights up. Love it!

Whenever we are out and about Kylie will wave at everyone and say hi. When they see her she gets all coy and sweet! If they don't see her she put her hands up as if to say What happened, why didn't you wave back or say hi....just look how cute I am!.

Every night when Matt gets ready to put her down for bed, I tell her goodnight, sweet dreams, and that I love her. As Matt starts on the stairs he tells her to tell mama goodnight, and she takes out her paci for a second and says mama and then waves to me. I love it so much, and look forward to it every night!

Kylie has learned to smell flowers, so whenever she sees a flower she has to stop and smell it. Even if she sees a flower in a book or magazine, she will put her nose to it and just sniff away. I'm smiling just thinking about it right precious!

Kylie has recently taken a liking to Elmo. She gives kisses to him when she sees him on TV...yes, she walks up to the TV and kisses it! Matt brought her home an Elmo that he had on his desk at work, and there was no separating her from him. She just squeezed him and gave him lots of kisses!

Kylie loves to sit in Matt's truck with her Kindermusik cds playing and pushing all the buttons she can find. She will walk up to Matt's truck when it is outside, and starting signing yes...once again, avoiding the middle man...yes, I want to drive dada's truck. I love the smile in this pic! It is so hard for us to get good pics of her smiling and sitting still.

We have a tent with a connecting tunnel set up for Kylie in the living room. She likes to take her breakfast in there sometimes and just go sit in there. She also likes to use it as her hiding spot when she sees me getting things together to change her diaper. She will run up the stairs and go hide in her tent when I tell her that we need to change her diaper. She is so silly. This is a pic of her playing in her tent with Matt.


happy's mommy said...

Sweet pictures! And even sweeter to read all of Kylie's antics! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! She's sucha cutie patootie!


MJStump said...

she is a little goofball and it is SOOOOO much fun to watch her and then capture the moments :)


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