Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kylie's gallery of quilts

Okay, so I was trying to remember if I put these pics on before and I'm not sure that I did. Sorry, I have good intentions about doing these things, but then they leave me and I can't recall what did or didn't get done.

Anyhow, Kylie has 3 other quilts too! She definitely has a few labors of love from her Grandma Bunn and Great-Grandma Felder.

The one below is from her Great-Grandma Felder and was given to us shortly after she was born.

This one was made by her Grandma Bunn and was often used for play time when she was learning to crawl and sit up.

This last one was also made by her Grandma Bunn and was given to her for her first birthday. As you can see it is a birthday quilt and in the blocks beside the numbers is where I will write in memories from her birthdays. I know, I still need to record those from her first birthday. I figure as long as I do it before she turns two I will be good :)

I'm not sure how posting these pics got away from me, but they are here now for you all to enjoy!

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