Monday, August 4, 2008

Nursery Decor

Okay, so I gave myself way too many choices by choosing an array of colors to use in Kylie's room. I love the fabric that I had chosen before with all of the bright colors, and I had already used it to make her cribskirt. Unfortunately, I was overwhelmed with what color to use for the each item in her room, that I decided I needed to alter things.

Below is a sampling of the new color palette that I will be using in her room. All of these colors are used in a Noah's Ark theme that I found while working at Hallmark. I already have in mind what I will be doing for wall decor and may even paint some sort of mural on her walls as well. I will definitely need to revisit my artistic skills, as I create a beautiful room for our little girl!

Once we have another OB apptmt, we will see if they can confirm that we are indeed having a little girl, so I can get started on a new cribskirt. It will be like a bubble gum pink color with a hot pink ribbon as a trim. The colors in the color palette are still fairly neutral, so I can always modify things if needed.

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Robert said...

Like your ideas for nursery d├ęcor…. This time I'm searchin for some home decoration tips.


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