Friday, October 5, 2012

School Days

Kylie did the Summer session at the Lee Ann Britain Center, so we just had like a 3 wk break until school started back up for the Fall.  I can tell you that she was so very excited to get to go back to school and see all of her friends there!  I will admit, I was a bit excited for school to start up again too :)
Here are some pics of her on that first day back to school.  I'd say she was daydreaming already...wonder what we will have for snack?
After some talking about everyone she was going to see, and all the fun things they might do...I got this smile!

Just hopped out of the car and ready to go inside!

But hang on...momma wants a pic of you by the doors with the school name :)
Back before we ever tried the anxiety meds, Kylie would sit in the lobby and turned away from anyone that might talk to her...or even slither out of her chair and melt to the floor.  Now she is in the chair but all turned around and saying hi to everyone she recognized!  It was quite awesome to see her so happy and comfortable!


Kylie was so happy to see her good friend...we got to have a few swimming playdates this summer so it was a treat that they are in the same class again! 

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to find a second school for Kylie to attend. Either people were full, they suddenly got full when I told them of Kylie's needs, or they just weren't up to par for this momma's standards.  But we finally found a great one, and I just love her teacher there!  She asked me more questions about how she could help Kylie and what she needed to know...just perfect!

Kylie talked so much about going to her new school and was super excited to go there.

Wondering what she will play with, or what new fun things they might do at this new found school.  So why two schools.  Well, we just wanted to give Kylie more exposure to a typical school environment, as well as the opportunity to be around more peers to strengthen her social development. 

"Hmm...I wonder when this lady is going to stop taking my picture so we can go to my school?"

"Okay, maybe a few more smiles and then we can go"

Here we there early to take more pics!

You can see the tears that have welled up in her eyes...she thought that when we got back in the car after taking pics, that we were going home and she so much wanted to go to school.  She was happy again once I told her that we were going to school...just had to wait a bit til it was time to go in.

That backpack is as big as she is, but she loves it!

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