Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Colorful, hair raising, circus of a life

Grandma Nancy got tickets for all of us to go and enjoy the circus!  It was really one of the best shows I have seen in a long time...also kinda funny that all of the events we have been to at the Sprint Center are all for Kylie :)  It was a really fun, high energy show that we all just loved!  I remember that we went to the circus a lot as kids, and now it's so great that Kylie has been able to enjoy seeing it too!
I'm not sure, but I think Kylie and Grandma Nancy really enjoyed being at the circus!
Now those of you that know Matt, will not be surprised to find out that a clown had come up and asked if Matt would help him out with the circus.  Of course he sad yes, and you can see him below in the green shirt walking out on the floor with one of the clowns.  Kylie was just in pure awe that her dadda was part of the circus!
I know the pics are not great...they wouldn't allow in cameras with detachable lenses...so we had to use our cell phones :(  Anyhow, Matt got to throw frisbees through a hula hoop that was held by another clown.  He got to step back further and further and got them all through...yay for dadda the clown!

Kylie was just all smiles after the circus was all done and here she is holding her tiger that Grandma Nancy got her. 

Since I was bummed to not get to use our nice camera inside the Sprint Center (though we got by using it there before), I got some pics of her outside by one of the buildings we parked by.  I seriously could just stare at her all day...she is just that sweet miracle and so amazing!


Kylie always tells me that her favorite thing at school is art..she loves to color and definitely loves to paint too.  Here she is at home using some of her watercolors to make a picture. 

I'm fairly certain that if you let her, she would paint all day!

Okay, so I totally stood up on the chair for this shot, because I love pics like that.  I just started talking to make her smile and got her to look up too!

One thing that we have also seen lots of improvement on is Kylie letting us take her picture.  She even does the cheese smile for us, and if we are lucky we can get a great shot like this one where she is looking at the camera.  The girl is always on the go, so stopping to pose and all that jazz just isn't usually her style.  That is why I just LOVE this pic, because she hit it all!

She has been practicing writing her name lately too.  It was fun, because she was on a kick of just writing it all the time and each time she would be so excited and proud of what she did...lots of mini celebrations going on!

We were out at the park just around the corner from us, and yay...I snagged another cute pic!

Total moment of holding out the camera far enough to snap this shot.  Love my girl!

I have been posting pics on FB lately of Kylie's crazy bed head.  They have all progressively gotten more wild, but she loves it and laughs about it. I had some suggestions of using a silk pillow case and even braiding her hair. 

The braiding definitely helped, but then the morning came to fix it for church.  It was totally like poodle hair when I took the braids out, and too fuzzy to put the braids back in.  Needless to say we went to the later service, so I could have time to manage the mane.  This was another crazy hair morning...definitely a tired girl in the pic.


I think this one topped the crazy hair day.  Well, the fun thing about it all is that when she gets older and they have crazy hair day at school, all she has to do it crawl out of bed and get dressed :)  I did try a polyester blend on a pillowcase and that has helped tremendously! 


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