Saturday, June 26, 2010

More sticky therapy

Last Friday or so I thought I would try some finger paints with Kylie. I pretty much knew that she wouldn't even think about sticking her hands in it, so I had some sponge brushes ready for her to use. I figured that maybe if we paint with it often enough, that perhaps one day she will decide to toss the brushes aside and just stick her hands in it...well, it's a thought anyhow :)

Kylie very carefully dabbed her brush into a couple of different colors and she accidentally brushed it over her leg when she turned to put it on the paper...oops. She did not realize it at first, so I hurried to snap a couple pics, and then she saw it and was not a fan of the paint being on her leg. She tried to wipe it off with her hand, and then she tried to shake it off of her hands. Once I got her cleaned up a snapped a pic of her glob of artwork.

I was hoping for more, but she was pretty much done once she realized she got some paint on herself. I'm sure she will be painting the walls before we know

Kylie has a number book that my mom had got her, and she loves to look at the page with the cupcakes on it. She goes "numm, numm" when she sees it! I thought it would be a great therapy idea for her to have a cupcake to eat. I had baked some the other night for Matt to take to work for his boss's birthday, so I had a couple for Kylie to try.

She was definitely feeling some anxiety when I set it in front of her...she wanted it, but didn't want to touch it. I thought maybe if I cut it in half, it won't seem so intimidating for her. Yay, it worked! She was more comfortable with it cut in two and she eagerly picked it up. She is so cute, because it was like she was licking it and not biting into it.

I also had a fork for her in case it was still too much for her. She decided to take a poke with the fork. She was so proud when she got the whole half of the cupcake on the end of her fork.

It is definitely safe to say she loved the cupcake...she just couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough! Next time we will bake some together.

In a couple of weeks one of our libraries is having an event called "Ooey-gooey, Icky-sticky" where little ones can paint with shaving cream, squish the slime, walk on a texture walk, and help create a sticky collage. I am really excited about taking her and I do hope she will allow the fun of it to overcome her fears of it all.


Wendi said...

Great to see all of the recent positive strides she's making! She's definitely keeping you on your toes. My daughter is 16 months and she likes to look at the pictures of Kylie, so this post was a hit with her. :) Hope you're enjoying your summer!

MJStump said...

On my toes for sure! So glad your little girl likes seeing Kylie's pictures...that is so cute!

Thanks again for checking in on Kylie and following us along the way!


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