Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It seems like the best sensory therapies are also sweet treats too! I'm certain Kylie doesn't mind the sweet rewards for her attempts at touching the sticky-ness of things. It's so cute to hear her say "nummy, num" each time she gets a taste of the sweet therapy ideas I've made up for her.

Last week I thought how much fun it would be to bake cookies with Kylie. Something I plan to do lots of as she grows up...I love to bake! I decided to take a shortcut and just buy the ready to bake cookie dough, where all you have to do is put the squares on the pan and bake.

I placed the cookie sheet on the floor along with the cookie dough and I showed Kylie that we needed to put them on the tray. I told her that I needed her help cooking, and asked her to help mama cook. She came over picked up a chunk of the dough, and chucked it onto the pan...I laughed, because it was cute how she did it. I think she was just eager to quickly release the gooeyness out of her hand and launch it onto the pan.

She was hesitant to try it again, since she just realized that in order to help mom bake cookies, she had to touch that sticky stuff. Kylie picked up one more chunk of the dough, and was a bit more gentle when she put it on the pan this time.

Kylie then signed help, because she wanted me to open up the drawer of kitchen utensils for her to play with. I told her that she needed to finish helping me put the cookie dough on the pan, and then I would open it for her. She understood and came over to help, but this time she was tossing the cookies off the pan...lol Oh well, I was happy to see her touching the dough again. As promised, I opened the drawer and let her play with the ladles and measuring cups, and whatever else she could find.

I did not take pics of any of the baking of the cookies...sorry, I was too busy enjoying those moments with Kylie :) I did however get a couple pics of Kylie enjoying the freshly baked cookies. Yes, even the baked cookies serve as some sensory therapy, as they were still kind of gooey.

Here is our own little cookie monster:

This pic is just cute. It's as though she is saying, "Mom, do you really need to take pictures of me eating?" Umm...yes, I do :)

She did so great! She did not like that the cookies were gooey and even tried to eat them hands free and just put her face to the plate. She quickly overcame that unsettling feeling and let the yummyness of the cookie outweigh the stress of it all, and she used her hands! Yay for Kylie!!

I was so proud of her and just really happy about our day, that I sat Kylie on my lap and held the camera out to snap a couple pics of her and I together.

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