Monday, June 21, 2010

Ring around the Rosey

For some reason last week I was singing Ring around the Rosey in my head. I decided it would be fun to share that little tune and dance with Kylie. She instantly loved it! For one, she loves it when I sing, and it is always more fun when dancing is involved.

She grabbed my hands to let me know that she wanted to do it again and again. It was pretty darn cute. I was working on dinner or something later that evening, and I told Matt he should give it a try to help occupy her and share in the fun we had earlier. Matt isn't much of a dancer, and Kylie was in aggreance with that, because she did not like doing the dance with him and needed me to do it with her. Silly girl.

Another play off the Rosey in the title of this blog post, is things have been a little less than rosey the last few days with Kylie being sick. She had a pretty high fever last Thursday of 102.6, and well with a history of seizures we did not want the temp to get any higher and increase her risk of a febrile seizure.

A very worried Matt called the ped's office and they said to give her Tylenol or Motrin and to monitor her temp every hour. I took her temp about 30 minutes after giving her the Tylenol and it was 103 and some change. It would have been best to listen to the nurse and wait a full hour because it went down about a half hour later....that would have eliminated the added freaking out factor from mom and dad. Dad especially, he is a wreck whenever Kylie gets sick or isn't acting like her usual self. Poor guy, just worries so much about his little princess.

Her fever broke about 8:30pm that night when she woke up crying and all sweaty. Poor thing. She had a temp again on Friday and it was about 101 on Saturday morning. We went to walk-in hours at her ped's on Saturday morning. I do not like taking Kylie to the doctor's because it is so upsetting for her and very draining on us too. They stuck her finger and got some blood and then did a cath to get a urine sample...since she had a couple UTIs last year. It is so very hard seeing her going through all of that and not understanding what is going on and trying to keep her calm.

The doc said it was Roseola, a viral infection that is fairly common...though Matt and I had never heard of it before, and apparently it is going around right now. It starts out with a high fever for a couple days, irritability...lots of it too, decreased appetite, and then a rash for a couple days.

I think the most irritable and sensitive moments for Kylie with this Roseola deal have been when she wakes up from naps or gets up in the morning. Any little thing can upset her at those times and it's like she isn't even sure what she wants or needs and will cry and get all worked up at just about anything.

The worst was on Sunday when she wanted her morning bubba like stat, and it was still warming up...she loves her milk warm. I thought what better way to ease the waiting period than to give her one of the cookies we made together the night before...yep, more sensory therapy with baking and she did so much better this time!

Anyway, back to me trying to distract her with a cookie. It totally failed and she was so out of sorts and screaming and after a few moments it finally clicked as to why. Kylie thrives on routine and me trying to give her a cookie first thing in the morning before her bubba was just not part of our norm. I'm not sure if it was me trying to give her a cookie before the milk that upset her, or if she feared she wouldn't get the milk after the cookie. Whatever the case, it was not good and I felt so sad for her and bad that I was more or less the reason why she was not herself.

Of course that had Matt so worried because it just wasn't typical Kylie. I'm hoping this is all just part of her being sick with this viral bug and the behaviors we have been witnessing are not here to stay.

Today has been a pretty challenging day. Kylie was fine waking up this morning and after her fuss factor, so that was great. I think she is feeling much better and has gotten back most of her appetite, so that is a plus.

But yeah, this afternoon was tough. Kylie would get so upset and just meltdown at pretty much everything. She would sign for help with something and when I would help her, she would just go nuts, and then again after I undid the help. It was like that off an on for all too long. I did really well at keeping calm and trying to help understand what she wanted, but nothing seemed to work.

I have no idea if this is just typical toddler behavior or if it is some processing issues that she is having. It is almost like she doesn't know what she wants or she does, but then she just doesn't. It is just a mix of emotions for me when I go from being frustrated and exhausted, and then I feel bad for her as I watch her get so upset. So yeah, a long day today, but hoping for a better one tomorrow. I just want her to be happy and healthy.

Below is a pic of Kylie climbing back on the couch cushions one night before bed...she absolutely loves when we take them off the couch and make it so she can slide down them!

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Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I can totally relate to the whole bubba thing. Elsa drinks her milk cold and in a sippy cup but if she does not get it when she wakes out ;)

And the whole meltdown when you try to give her or do something that she wants...Sophie does that. Drives ya crazy because you just can't figure it out.

All this to say, I feel for you. (((hugs)))


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