Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little green monster

A couple weeks ago Matt and I decided we needed to paint our screened-in porch to freshen it up a bit. Kylie was just playing around and staying out of things, so we went ahead and opened the can of paint. You can probably figure out where this is leading, but we surely didn't see it coming.

I was just minutes away from putting Kylie down for her nap when out of the corner of my eye I see her two little hands drenched in green paint and running over to Matt for help. I immediately yelled something or another to Matt about how she had paint all over her hands. He yells for me to get some paper towels, and I start cleaning up the paint that had gotten on the floor of the porch...we had just stained it the day before. Matt then yells for me to clean up Kylie and not the floor....oh yeah.

Anyhow, paint was probably the worse thing she could get into, especially considering one of her sensory issues is tactile processing. You can't just shake off paint or wipe it off and be all done with have to scrub it off and that takes more than a few seconds to do. You can imagine how distraught Kylie was, as I was trying to scrub off every spec of paint and she just wanted it all gone.

Matt had run inside to get the camera (at my request), as I was outside with the hose trying to clean off our little green monster. Needless to say she napped really well after getting so worked up from all the stress of getting the paint on her and then the clean up process. She had it on her hands, her clothes, her legs, her toes, and on my arms from where she clung on so tightly as I ran her over to the hose.

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