Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jibber Jabber

On Monday (6/28/10) Kylie started doing something new and exciting. She started just jabbering away. Now she has done her own version of babbling before, but it was mainly vowel sounds of "a" and "o" with different inflections.

But this, this was different...this had lots of "d," "b," and "g" sounds....the "g" sounds are especially exciting, because we don't hear that sound much. It was like music to my ears when I heard her doing it, and Matt was super thrilled as well!

Yesterday was our first day of Speech Therapy through our local children's hospital. We had Kylie's speech evaluation 4 months ago, so we were very happy to get a call to say that there is an opening for Kylie to begin therapy with them.

I remember from her initial evaluation they said that therapy would be one on one with the therapist and child, and the parents could watch from the other room through the two-way mirror. With that said, I was definitely anticipating an exhausting and stressful visit.

We mainly just went over paperwork and then an overview on what to expect out of her therapy sessions, and what our goals were for Kylie. She will be receiving therapy once a week for a 45 minute session. The best part is our therapist said she does not separate the children from their parents when they are Kylie's age...whew!

Our goals are to increase her vocabulary and to get her to combine words.

The therapist was impressed at how many words she has gained since her last visit..she did not have any and now she has 25! Kylie only had 3 signs when we were last there, but that was before we started doing the Signing Time dvds...she has learned over 100 signs! That's our girl!

The therapist suggested another way that we can help Kylie develop more words. Whenever Kylie signs a word that she does not say, for us to really stress the sound of the word. For example, if Kylie signs book, we need to then say "buh-buh" and really enunciate that "b" sound. That way she can then learn to say the "buh" sound and eventually say book.

So that's the newest on all of that.

Now onto some fun stuff :)

Right after her therapy we went straight to one of our local libraries. I had registered for us to go and attend an event they were having for was a local guy that writes kid songs. Once she got warmed up she really enjoyed herself!

She got so comfy in her new environment that she decided to spread her wings a bit and see some of the other kiddos that were there. She walked up to a little girl about her age and started waving to her and saying hi. OMG, it was so cute...making me teary right now.

But wait...then the little girl kind of reach her hand out to Kylie and Kylie did the same thing to her. It's like they wanted to touch the other one to see if they were real or something. Or maybe they wanted to hug, but were both afraid to. Then Kylie walked around and up front and peeked around at the bigger kids that were sitting up front.

I guess she didn't think they were too exciting, because she then came back to where her little friend was sitting. Kylie sat down next to her, and then she got up and motioned for the little girl to get up to...and she did. Then Kylie sat down and hit her hand on the floor, to tell the girl to sit down by her...and she did! This was so cute to watch, and the little girl's mommy and daddy were watching and enjoying it just as much as I was.

Kylie was also dancing and signing dance, while she was dancing, but the other little girl wasn't quite sure what to think....Kylie loves to dance! Oh, she also decided to pull her shirt up and show her little friend's mommy her belly. So silly.

Anyhow, I did snap a pic with my phone of Kylie and her little friend sitting next to each other. Enjoy!

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