Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A treat and some sensory therapy

Last Friday was National Donut Day. I had no idea, but saw it on the morning news. With that said, Kylie and I were going to take a trip to our local Krispy Kreme and have ourselves a free donut. Kylie has never had a donut before, so I was excited to be the one to treat her to her first one, and well...I was happy to get one too :)

I figured we would just do the good old glazed donut. Of course, I didn't even think that they were going to give us fresh ones. That means extra sticky and know, the stuff Kylie doesn't like.

She picked up her donut, not knowing what it would feel like and took a cute! I snapped a pic with my phone, and as I closed my phone I realized I forgot to hit save. Silly me. Kylie had already figured out that the donut was too sticky for her to want to touch, so I was out of luck for getting another picture of her eating her donut.

If you are a regular visitor of our blog, you may remember that even though she doesn't want to touch sticky stuff, she still wants it and will figure out a way to still eat it. Yep, she decided to do it hands free, and just put her face down by the donut and eat it that way. She is so resourceful :)

I snapped a pic with my phone again, and remembered to save it this time. Here it is:

So needless to say, I had no idea our trip for free donuts on National Donut Day was going to be a day for sensory therapy too. I ended up feeding the rest of it to her, one piece at a time. She was just too overwhelmed with trying to touch the gooey-ness of it.



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