Friday, June 4, 2010

Green thumb

Shortly after we got some flowers for the yard, I thought I would try and get Kylie to help me water them. She had lots of fun carrying around the watering can, and uh...watering her feet :) Even with just a little bit of water in it, it is kind of awkward for a little lady to hold it just right without pouring it all out on her feet. Heck, she is so smart, she may think that watering her own feet will make her grow too!

Here are some pics I got of our little gardener at work:

Isn't she so cute! Especially wearing her sun hat that I made :) Let's just say it took repeated attempts on my part to get her to keep it on for longer than 2 seconds. I kept trying while she was preoccupied with the watering can and then snapped a few pics before she yanked it off.

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