Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yep...she's growing up

Sunday was a great big day for both Kylie and us. It was a fairly quiet day in the nursery at church...I guess lots of families are away on vacation.

Anyway, the less kids in there makes it a bit tougher for me to try and sneak away. I decided to just go for it, while she was looking the other way. She saw me walk by the door, and I could hear her start to fuss, but I knew I had to keep on going....so hard for me to do.

Matt was surprised when I sat down next to him in the service. Heck, I was surprised too...I really enjoy being with her in the nursery and seeing how she interacts with other kids, and I like playing with the other little ones too.

I told Matt to let me know when it had been 10 minutes, because I wanted to go back and check on her. After only 5 minutes I asked him what time it was...yes, I missed her and wanted to know that she was ok. At like 8 or 9 minutes, I decided it had been long enough. I got the thumbs up from another mom that was in the nursery, so I went back into the service.

All in all, it was a whole 30 minutes where Kylie was in the nursery without one of us in there with her. Wow! She did so great, and I missed her a bunch. The best part was how excited she was to see us...it's making me cry as I type all about it right now.

But wait, it gets even better. Later that evening we went to a small group meeting at our church. There were workers there to watch the kids while the adults were in the class. We have never just left her like that, so we knew it would be tough. I was sure to pack her snuggie and paci, in case she had a hard time.

She is such a smart cookie, she instantly knew that we were going to leave her and she immediately clinged to us. I gave her all of her comfort items and just left. I think it was harder on me than it was on her. Like 5 minutes later I went and checked on her and she was doing just fine.

The class was almost 2 hrs long, and Kylie was a superstar and did great! The nursery worker asked if Kylie knew sign language. And we told her yes, that she knows over a 100 signs or so. She said she figured so, because Kylie was doing lots of them. Kylie was even helping clean up when we went to get her.

She made us so proud! Being a big girl and doing so well without us and then being such a great little helper and cleaning up. Love, love, love her!

I was going through and found some pics I had not yet posted to the blog, so here are some of them.

I just love her little pigtails!

Kylie happily signing "clothes"

Big cheesy smile!

Below, Kylie was rocking on her pillow pet like it was a pony or something. She loved it!

Totally tuned into her Signing Time movie.

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