Wednesday, June 23, 2010

J - e - l - l - NO

So like two weeks ago Kylie said the word "No," you know, the word every parent hopes their child doesn't learn until they are past the terrible twos and their teenage years and pretty much forever.

Since I wasn't ready to accept that she said it, I decided it never happened :) Kind of like if I cover my eyes then you can't see me...not so much. I tried really hard to not say the infamous word myself, which I usually don't say it...I always try to say that is not something we do, you can not have that right now. Anyway, I think that helped for a few days or so.

Well, now she says it a lot and she really says it with conviction....oh dear. The day she started saying it a lot (I think it was last Tuesday or so), it was really kind of cute. I tried to conceal my smiles, so as not to encourage her. It just sounded adorable the way she said it. Kind of like "Naw" or "No-aw." She has said it enough that she is pretty much saying it the right way.

Funny part of it, is that she is using it for everything. Even when we ask her something that we know she wants she will say no, and then we ask if she means yes, and she will sign yes. Now that she has this new word, we are for one hoping she starts using it less and less...fat chance, I'm sure, and then two, try to get her to use it appropriately.

Like two weeks ago I was getting really worried that Kylie has not increased her vocab a whole lot, and then I started to make a list of the words she knows and realized she has increased it, and then when all the worries pile up, she gets like 3 new words! So here is the list of all of her words:

ni-ni (night, night), duh (dog, duck), wall, mall (we go there to the play area sometimes), up, hi, bye, owl (she isn't saying it much anymore..just likes to make the owl sound), baby, up, Elmo, dada, mama, ball, eye, bowl, wow, op-ff (off), elbow, ab-ple (apple), ooze (shoes), no.

Oh, and as far as the Jell-O portion of this blog post...Kylie is not a fan. In the past I have tried giving it to her, but she didn't care for eating something with that type of texture. I decided we would try it again, and maybe if we were lucky enough she would try to touch it. Well, she liked it and wanted more. Yay...something new! Umm...I celebrated a bit too soon. A couple more bites later and she just opened her mouth and let it all fall out. Kinda gross.

I made another attempt a few days later and Kylie ate more when I mushed it up with the spoon, instead of giving her a big glob of it all. I was giving myself a pat on the back for figuring out what works, and then nope, she changed her mind again and out spewed the Jell-O.

I think what it is is that she likes it, but can not always overcome that sensory part that stresses her out. Like she thinks about it too much and can't enjoy it, and other times she can focus on enjoying it and the sensory part is not an issue. So yeah, just hit or miss and keep trying and we will get there :)

I am going through the sensory books from the library. I just got 1 last week and 1 the week before, and then Matt ordered the other one for me because the wait time at the library was forever (goodness, it was almost a month before I got the two I have). I will be sure to post what I learn from them, and give my own little book review. So off I go to read more :)

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