Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kylie and her grandma

Last Sunday, Matt's mom came over to watch Kylie while we went out to eat. It was nice for us to get away, and some good time for Kylie to spend with her grandma...everybody wins :)

Kylie was pretty clingy with Matt when Grandma Bunn first arrived, so we brought out a puzzle for her to play with. Yes, distracting your child with a new toy so you can run out the door does work :)

Anyway, we came home to find that Kylie never got upset that we left, and she didn't run to us when we got home. She was totally content with grandma and us not being there....she is making such great progress!

Here is a pic I snapped of grandma picking up Kylie. Kylie gave grandma lots of hugs, and kept saying up, so that grandma would pick her up. So precious, and a moment that grandma will treasure :)

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JSmith5780 said...

That smile certainly cheers up this dreary day in NY!


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