Friday, May 21, 2010 we go into overtime

Okay, so the title of the post is just a play on the last one. Well, that and I wanted to share some more info that I forgot to mention about the appointment with the developmental pediatrician.

We did mention that Kylie still does the odd head movements, and we have been able to associated them with times when Kylie is uncomfortable or when we tell her no.

Seeing her do them is definitely discomforting for us to witness, and then even more so when we feel responsible for when we have to tell her no. We often try to redirect Kylie and only use the "no" for instances when it comes to safety and such.

After telling this to the developmental doc, she said since the head movements are not causing her any direct harm that we need to continue to parent and just ignore or get used to seeing the movements.

Umm...that is so much easier said than done. It breaks our heart to see her do them, and then we feel terrible. Not to mention the fact that sometimes they can be intense enough that she can lose her balance.

Ugghhh...there is so much more to this parenting stuff than anyone ever tells you, and then double it when you have a little one with more specific needs. We will gladly do anything for Kylie, just wish we understood more about everything and knew exactly how to handle things (that will all soon come with the latest plan we are working on with her therapies..coming soon).
Now for a cute pic! Here is a pic I got of Kylie riding in her little car this morning. Oh, and she is donning her newest hairdo...pigtails!!

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