Friday, May 21, 2010

Strikes & Spares

Guest post by Dada Stump...

So, I bowled for Applebee's in
Corporate Challenge a couple of weeks ago and had a pretty good time. I used to bowl quite a bit, but it's just not really a priority anymore. Regardless, Jody and Kylie came up to see me and Kylie had a ball running around watching all the people and playing in one of the racing arcade games. So, we thought we'd take Kylie bowling this past Sunday after church and her nap.

We got there and they weren't terribly busy, but there were folks bowling on both sides of Kylie got to enjoy a little more people watching. We also got one of the ramps so that Kylie could just give the ball a little nudge and it would have plenty of speed to do some damage! We didn't always use it, sometime we kicked it old school and just helped Kylie by giving the ball a good shove at the foul line.

The entire trip wasn't really a success as Kylie got pretty fussy after a few frames. However, she did enjoy the first few minutes of the visit! It wasn't until this past week when we found out some of her sensory issues were more than likely exacerbated by all the noise of the balls and pins in the bowling alley.

Here's a little montage of Kylie's first bowling trip...

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