Sunday, May 16, 2010

The big squeeze

Tonight Matt and I went out to something at our church, and Grandma Bunn came over to watch Kylie. Kylie and Grandma had a good time watching her Signing Time movies and playing with Elmo. The highlight of the evening came just as Grandma was saying her goodbyes.

We were telling Kylie to give Grandma a hug goodbye and she did! She has never done that before...not even when we have asked her to give either one of us a hug. It was so precious, and Grandma Bunn was the lucky winner of the first hug that Kylie has given!

Kylie included us in it too and gave us both hugs, so we felt the love as well. We are so proud of her and how she continues to grow and amaze us every step of the way.

Sorry no pics of the cuddles...we were too busy enjoying them :)


Wendi said...

This is the Mommy who reads your blog, but I don't actually know you (I hope that's ok!)...what wonderful strides she's making! And the video of her giving the owl card smooches was just too cute. Congratulations on all of the milestones that she's crashing through, looking forward to more updates!

MJStump said...

We love that you read our blog and follow all the amazing progress our little girl has been making!

Stay tuned in...she is just amazing us more and more all the time :)

happy's mommy said...

Love that! Cuddles are great and everything...but UNDERSTANDING is WAY better in my opinion!

Date nights ain't too shabby either...



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