Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Joy of Being Kylie's Mommy

I'm about certain that this Mother's Day was one of the best days of my life :) All thanks to a sweet, beautiful, silly, and amazing little girl that I get to call my daughter!

Kylie has just grown so much in the last couple of weeks that we are simply in awe as we watch her really climb to the tops of mountains that once seemed so far out of reach. The best part is that she tops each peak with a smile and this silly giggle...makes me smile just thinking of the sound of that goofy little laugh and the look on her face.

So what made my day of celebrating that I am Kylie's mom so grand?

It started off with me in the nursery with Kylie at church. She was amazing when it came to being on her own, while I helped out with the other little ones in the room. I even left the room, and it took her a little while longer to notice that I was not there. She went into the other room (there are two rooms for infants and toddlers that are connected) to see if I was there, but I had already gone into the service. Anyhow, she was upset when I got back, but the big part of it all was that Kylie let one of the ladies hold her to calm her down, and she let another let fix her dress when she got it flipped up on the bottom.

My flower from Kylie

These things may seem like nothing to most moms, but they are so HUGE to me because Kylie does not like anyone else holding her or approaching her. This is a giant step for her. Oh, and another thing is that Kylie had a flower for me that one of the nursery workers helped make for kids to give to their moms. I was in tears, because it is the first little craft that I have received from Kylie. I know she didn't make it, but it was something that she had for me...yep, I'm in tears already just thinking about it.

Funny thing is, I told Matt that the box I have with all of the little keepsake things I have kept for Kylie thus far will soon have to be replaced with a big trunk or something larger. I just want to keep every little thing that is associated with the big-little moments we have with her.

Let's see the next thing was when she got up from her nap on Sunday, we headed over to Matt's mom's for a Mother's Day dinner. Kylie was definitely the little star that lit up everyones faces...she was a ham too and loved every minute of it. This was the first time she really met Matt's Aunt Barbara and Uncle Chuck and you would have thought she had seen them many times. She warmed up instantly. Once again...another big step for her. Yay for Kylie!

It didn't stop there. She started giving away kiss after kiss. It was so precious and sweet! We were in the kitchen with Grandma Bunn and I was holding her and she leaned over and gave her grandma a kiss...then she did it again! Grandma Bunn was so tickled that she got some sugar from Kylie.

Soon after that I was calling her the little kissing bandit, because as we went back into the living room Kylie gave her Great Grandma Felder a kiss, and her Great Aunt Barbara a kiss. She also gave them kisses when they left too.

Kylie was just a doll and everyone loved interacting with her...yes, actually interacting with her. She was great with responding to others and she was so comfortable being around everyone too...just astounding! She even began exploring..opening up cabinets in the kitchen and just going all around without having Matt or I right by her. There were a few times we were like where is Kylie? Yep, she ventured off into the kitchen or dining room to see what everyone was up to. So cute and so unlike her.

It was definitely a joy filled day for me, as I watched my little girl delight everyone she was around. She is definitely growing up before my eyes and I love every moment of it. She has come so far and been through things that no child should ever have to endure. I feel like I always say she is AMAZING, but you know what...she really and truly is and there is no other word that best fits her. I am so blessed to have her as my daughter and that I get to be her mommy!

For some reason we didn't get any pics of me with Kylie on Mother's Day, but here is a pic from one of the first times I held Kylie in my arms. Little did I know how much I would love her and how my life would forever be changed by this precious little girl.

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