Thursday, May 20, 2010

...and she scores!

I am totally getting behind on all the different posts that I have been meaning to do. Not sure all the things I was planning to blog about, but I'm sure they will come to me.

Anyhow, we have the official report from Kylie's visit with the developmental pediatrician. Before I get too far into things, I wanted to mention that when Kylie was tested by the speech pathologist and our early intervention program (both were done about 2 1/2 months ago) they tested her at about 6 months with her expressive language skills.

Okay, so onto the report.

Developmental: The Cognitive Adaptive Test (CAT) is a test of visual-motor/problem-solving performed through direct observation. The evaluation resulted an age equivalent of 16.2 months. The actual score she received was a 90 with the normal ranges being 85-115.

Language: Clinical Linguistic and Auditory Milestones Scales (CLAM) is a test of language skills determined by parent/caregiver report and direct evaluation. The evaluation resulted an age equivalent of 15.5 months. The actual score she received was an 86, which falls within the normal-borderline range, with the normal ranges being 85-115.

So back to my comment in the beginning about how just 2 1/2 months ago Kylie's expressive language was tested to be at 6 months. So I'm wondering how different all of the tests are and how they score things. Kylie had 8 words when she was tested just a couple weeks ago, and wow...I just don't know how that gets her from 6 months to 15.5 months.

That prompts some questions: Was she really only 6 months expressive at the end of February or Is she really 15.5 months now? Just wish I knew if having 8 words made her leap so far, or if the different tests used can make her results vary so much.

This is a pic I took last week. Kylie decided to shove some food in her mouth and then was on a mission to get the camera away from me. It is kinda silly, and definitely up close and personal.

Stand by for more upcoming posts. I will give some updates on her therapy...we just met with everyone yesterday, and then some fun posts too :)


happy's mommy said...

I kinda hate all these tests. And you're right. Most of the time...I leave with more questions than answers. And I never really feel like it's a very accurate portrayal of the kid I live with. Them and their 60 mins mastery of everything he knows and doesn't. Whatever. But it's a necessary evil. Especially as you inch towards aging out of EI. The lower scores (which your little monkey's were GREAT btw) help qualify them for various therapies and such.


I LOVE the pouty pic!


The Berg Family said...

I'm going to ask my speech teacher here at school. She may know more.

MJStump said...

thanks monica! i'm curious to know what she says.


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