Friday, May 28, 2010


We know Kylie loves animals, so it was easy for us to tell our new neighbors that we would be glad to feed their cat while they went on vacation. Kylie definitely knows the sign for cat, and she always does the sign when she sees our neighbors out. They are so sweet, that when they see Kylie signing cat, they always go get the cat so Kylie can say hi and pet it.

Anyhow, Kylie was just beside herself the first time we stopped by to feed the cat. She loved feeding the cat its treats...she would giggle when the cat would take them, because she knew she helped feed the cat. She was very proud of herself for helping.

Our neighbors have been home almost a week, and Kylie is finally realizing that since are back, we can't just go over there whenever she wants so she can play with the cat. At first, she started wandering over to their house and just stood in their driveway signing cat. Too cute :)

Here are some pics we took on one of trips to feed the cat. Just looking at her smile will light up your face :)

Petting the cat

So happy to see the cat

She thinks the kitty is pretty silly, so she is laughing.

Trying to play with the cat

This is Kylie saying dada..I know I need to get it on video, but I love how cute her mouth is when she says dada.

My absolute favorite pic of Kylie! Well, my current favorite pic. That smile is beautiful and I just love her eyes!

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The Berg Family said...

She is simply beautiful.


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