Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So little, yet so big

It is amazing to see how little Kylie is, yet how big she is too. There is so much more she can do and wants to do, and it is a lot of fun for us to watch her grow. She doesn't have the baby characteristics anymore and is definitely more of a little girl than a baby. Don't get me wrong she will always be my baby no matter how old she is.

Watching her sign and learn new signs all the time is pretty great too. She loves the signing dvds and has one of them memorized. It is her favorite one, and she will do the next signs before they even get to them, because she knows what follows...absolutely amazing! We figure she knows a little over 20 signs or so. It is kind of hard to know for certain because her imitating them doesn't really count as her knowing them, so we have to see her use them when not watching the video to know for certain. Oh, and some of her signs look a lot like other signs she does, so we just have to consider the context to figure out what she is signing.

Onto some cute stuff :) So we went to get some ice cream over the weekend, and we let Kylie have her own little ice cream cone. Yes, she knows the sign for ice cream and gets excited if you say the words ice cream, and will do the sign. Once we let her have control of the cone, there was no getting it back from her. Little Miss Independent for sure :) Matt took a video with his phone, but I haven't had any luck uploading it to the blog...sorry, I wish you guys could see it, but no go.

Another funny thing that we captured this weekend was a pic of when we went out to lunch on Sunday. We went to get sandwiches and broke up Kylie's for her, but she wouldn't eat it. She started to reach for the other half of her sandwich, so we decided we would let her have it if she really wanted it. Oh my goodness, it was so cute to see her holding onto half of a sub and trying to eat it. Once again, she would not let go it once we let her have it. All the people there were laughing at how cute she was trying to eat this big sandwich. Here are a couple pics we snapped with our phones. She ate about half of it in total, and set it down when she was done eating it after we got home. Let's just say it took her a long time to make some progress and get some good bites, but it was sure cute to watch her!

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