Sunday, March 21, 2010

All things Kylie

Well, okay...everything about this blog is Kylie, but there is just a lot of fun stuff to talk about :)

So Kylie doesn't have tons of hair for pigtails or anything quite like that, but I did manage to get a little sprout on top of her head, and it was pretty cute. And no, she is not a fan of having her hair done. I don't think most little girls are, but especially not Kylie...I think too many EEGs for this little lady.

I am not one to really let Kylie get too messy with eating and all of that stuff. It has also kind of worked out, because Kylie doesn't exactly like how things feel and usually gets bothered if something sticky gets on her hands. I decided to just let her have at it with some baked spaghetti, and she loved it.

Kylie's Grandma Bunn was over this weekend and Kylie got comfortable enough that she sat on grandma's lap. This has never happened before, so great strides of improvement for Kylie and grandma was excited too! Of course, we had to capture the moment with a pic.

So we went to visit our old neighbors that moved a few months ago. They've got 2 boys and Kylie did absolutely wonderful playing with them and getting comfortable. They have an amazing house with a playroom downstairs, and Kylie just went on down and played and didn't need us there with her. She is just getting so big and doing so great with all these recent social improvements. Anyhow, for some odd reason she did not want to eat the delicious dinner our friends had made, but she was eager to eat some cake. She saw that the 2 boys were eating the cake with their hands, and decided that she would eat it that way too. I could not believe what I was seeing...once again, so unlike her and so cute!

Since it was so ugly this weekend we couldn't play outside, so we decided to run some errands and go some places where Kylie could run around. We decided to go to PetSmart, since they always have dogs to adopt on the weekends and well, Kylie loves dogs. She really enjoyed seeing all the dogs and was making the sign for dog and getting so excited. While we were there we decided to get Kylie her first pet. Here is a pic of her saying hello to her new pet when we got home.

You didn't really think we were going to get a dog did you? Not anytime soon, but maybe one day when she is older. We decided to make it easier for Kylie so we named the fish Fishy. I know real creative :)

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