Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dress Up

Okay, so I have recently realized how much Kylie likes to play dress up and I just love it! Her therapists thought that playing with jewelry would be a good idea to help her with some sensory things.

With that said, I have put a couple of my necklaces on her and it is so cute because she quickly tries to move to see herself in the mirror, and then she smiles so much when she sees the pretty things she is wearing. A couple times a day I ask if she wants to play dress up and she gets so excited. One of her favorite things is to have a silk scarf wrapped around her neck. It is the one thing that she never tries to pull off.

Just yesterday she started really looking at herself in the mirror when she is playing dress up and making faces at herself and laughing. It is the best ever!

Here are some pics I got of her the other day. You can see her with my headbands on her head and some jewelry. Sorry for the runny nose she has in the pic...she's still as cute as can be :)


baby trevor's mommy said...

That is the cutest thing EVER! I always thought I didn't a little girl. Then I had one...



MJStump said...

i used to think that too. then i started getting excited about the fun things we could do, and now we are having those super fun, cute moments together! love it so much :)


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