Monday, March 1, 2010

You are my sunshine

Okay so this weekend we had a bit of a heat mid 40s or so, and we decided we needed to be outside. The sun was out, so we tried to soak up the bit of light shining down on us. We got Kylie bundled up in her fleece jacket and hat, and decided to pull the bike out of the basement.

Here are some pics of Kylie kind of riding her bike (she likes to stand over the seat and walk with it as she either holds on to the handles, or picks it up by the handles while she walks) or pushing it.

I know this isn't a pic of Kylie with her bike, but she thought it was fun to touch the boxwood plant by the garage. She walked over by it a couple more times and leaned over to touch it...too cute!

Some other fun stuff, is how much fun it is to watch Kylie brush her teeth. I always brush them first, and then I let her take over and she usually just sucks or chews on her toothbrush, but the past few days she is twisting it around and trying to wiggle it around in her mouth. She also grabs her toothpaste and pretends like she is putting some on her tootbrush. I love it!

My goodness is she the little smarty pants too! She is catching on so quickly with the sign language that we are just amazed. She has words that she knows, like if she hears you say the word she will usually do the sign, but not always (thank you, eat, more, bubba, cookie, apple, candy, bread, cheese, dog, help). The ones she knows well and uses properly are: eat, more, & bubba....okay so bubba is the sign for milk, but we call it bubba. I'm sure she has picked up more that we just aren't aware of yet, but this is what we have so far, and we couldn't be more proud!!

We do have to thank the creators of the Signing Time dvds for all the help with the new signs. We have been checking them out from our library, and getting more as we find other ones that we think will help us communicate better. They are just great! Our PAT educator told me about them, and I am so glad she did :)

Oh, Kylie starts her therapies this week! We are really excited to see how Kylie does with everything. She will have both therapists here at the same time on Wed...that way they both can give some insight as to what they think will be the best plan for Kylie's therapy. We are definitely ready and eager to get started. I will be sure to update post her first therapy session.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Kylie sounds really advanced (pretend play is a very good thing). Keep working with her - she will flourish!


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