Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Round one

I wrote this yesterday after her therapies, but didn't get it all finished until today.

Well, today was the first day of Kylie's therapies. I was wondering how well it would go, since Kylie is all over the place with this new nap schedule of hers. Some days she sticks to it, other days..not so much. She stuck to it today, which was great. Whew!

I tried to make sure to keep her thoroughly entertained, so that she would nap well before her therapies in the afternoon. Here are some pics I got of her playing with some bowls, spoons, and other kitchen items. She had a lot of fun moving them from one room to the next.

On to the therapies. I guess I was expecting things to get started right away and off we go watching Kylie grow. Today was pretty much a day to get Kylie more familiar with her therapists, and to give them some background info about Kylie and all that she has been through.

When you start talking about things, it is like you are just going through the list of what happened and when they happened. It isn't until after you are done that you realize that you just kind of relived that entire horrific experience, and it doesn't exactly sit well...not at all really. The rest of my day was pretty much blah for me. I just couldn't stop thinking about what our little girl has been through and I can't really shut off all these thoughts...I so wish I could.

Anyhow, back to therapy. Both of Kylie's therapists said it may take a couple months before Kylie feels comfortable with them and trusts them. It may be awhile before we see what they are doing and how Kylie responds to them and the work they are doing with her. I guess that makes sense, because you can't really expect a child like Kylie (who was close to me for a majority of the time they were there), to instantly feel comfortable with them and then allow them to work with her. I am just really anxious to see her reach her full potential.

We talked about some of the goals we have for Kylie and what we would like to see her work on. The language is a definite, and then having her be okay around new people and social settings, and being comfortable with new experiences. This was just a start to things, and I am sure we will fine tune it all as we get into it...can't wait for that :)


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Hopefully, Kylie will warm up quickly. But it says a lot about how great the therapist are that they are being so considerate of Kylie's needs!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

By the way, I HATED having to sum up Sophie's history over and over and over again. Still having to do it. It's definitely emotional.

MJStump said...

I know..I hope she warms up quickly too. Yeah, I think we have some great therapists working with Kylie...they already love her!


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