Friday, March 19, 2010

Clean ups and cuddles

Clean ups
Okay, so last night I saw that Kylie had a burp cloth and was using it to wipe off the desk. I was like how cute, she is trying to clean like mommy :)

We also noticed that her sippy cup with milk in it was suddenly empty. Matt felt around to see if she poured it out somewhere, and he didn't find anything. Then he went to step over by the stairs, next to the desk and yep...he found the missing milk. You see, she has chewed through the rubbery spout on her sippy cups, so they tend to spill out milk when upside down, and Kylie sometimes likes to watch it pour, huh :) So isn't that cute, she was trying to clean it up after she spilled her was just adorable!

Since I do not have pics of that I decided I needed to take a couple pics of Kylie this morning. She told me that she wanted to go up, so we went up to her room to play. I still like the sound of that...she told me up. Sorry, proud mommy moment there :) Anyway, we went up to her room and she likes to say hi to her friends that are on top of her changing table. Usually after she says hello and touches all of her friends she points to the glider. This is her way of telling me that she wants to cuddle with all of her friends.

Once Kylie either climbs up on the glider or I help her up, she starts pointing for her friends. One by one I put them on the glider with her and she just loves it. Then I will rock them for just a bit, and the hands them back to me one at a time, so I can put them back. It is so cute. Here are a couple pics of that.

In this first one I was telling her that she had all of her friends with her, and she was trying to do the sign for friend. Kinda funny sometimes, because so many of her signs looks the same, so we must consider the context when trying to figure out what she is telling us.

This one, just shows a better shot of her with all her friends.

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