Friday, March 26, 2010

Ups and downs, and all around

Okay, so as the last few post have shown...Kylie is doing amazingly well for all that she has been through. I don't know that everyone truly knows how blessed Kylie and all of us have been, especially considering how crazy last Spring and Summer were for us. We never thought we would be where we are now....honestly I don't know that we had any real picture in our minds, but where we are at this moment is truly great.

Sometimes, I think we don't always see how fortunate we are...until we see another story of child with IS. It really makes you think and appreciate those little for us in definitely in all the little things that make everything else so grand.

Not many families with a child with IS can ever say there is a day that goes by that they don't think or realize they have a child with special needs. It is often so evident with the rigorous therapies and daily routines they have to modify, and it is those things that are reminders of how life is so different for them...different than they imagined it would ever be.

Once you get into your new way of doing things, you realize this is your normal and it is all you know. Maybe that is why we have times when we don't think of Kylie as a child with special needs, because we are used to our normal. I think a bigger part of it is because Kylie has exceeded so many expectations and defeated many odds. So much of what she does is very typical, but other things are not.

This past week was quite busy for us with apptmts and therapies and visiting old friends and so on. It was in this week that we also did some new things out of what we are used to was in those things that we had the reminders of the fact that things are different for us. I guess it has been so hard on me these last few days, because I was in another realm of sorts where I have fallen into the idea that Kylie is like every other little kiddo out there.

I still have big dreams for Kylie and I want the world for her. She is an amazing, beautiful, sweet little girl and I just want her to have the same opportunities as every other little kiddo out there. Now that we are doing more activities out of the home we are embarking on so many new experiences, both for Kylie and us as her parents. So yeah, this has been revealing a lot of the areas that we need to work on with Kylie. Everything is just weighing so heavily on me, because I want to see her blend into the pack of kids, and not have to explain the whys and everything about Kylie's journey. I just want her to be a questions asked and no history to tell.

Kylie is paging me right now...she is babbling away, and ready to be up and out of her crib. We are off to go play outside now.


A fellow 1st time Mom said...

Hello, I've been debating a lot on whether or not to leave a message, and I hope you don't feel like I'm intruding, because we don't actually know each other...I came across your blog after reading a friend of a friend's blog, and I've actually become a "regular reader". I don't have a child with a disability, but I'm also a first time mother, and reading about your daily life with Kylie reminds me so much of our daily life. You're doing such a great job in the face of such obstacles, and she is only going to be the better for it. It's made me so happy for you to read lately about her accomplishments, you deserve some good news! Please take care of your beautiful daughter, and God bless your entire family.

MJStump said...

thank you so much for your comment! it made me cry a little...i'm kinda emotional today.

i love that other people read our story and can celebrate the good things with us and support us with the hard times too.

thanks so much for reading and for your kind words :)


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