Friday, September 10, 2010

wing and yide

We have been going to a park that is just a couple minutes away from our house. This is the same park where Kylie had her first fishing experience, and she just loves to go there!

For the most part it isn't too crowded when we go, so that is kind of nice. Kylie gets uncomfortable when there are a bunch of kids running around and being know, just kids playing.

We had taken her a few days ago and she should would hurry up the little ramp that leads to the slides when she saw some kids coming her way, and if she didn't get up it quick enough she would hurry back down, so their close presence and sounds weren't overwhelming her. Once again she has amazing coping skills for what gets to her. It was just tough for me to see her like a little ping pong ball running away from them one way, and then if they came from the other direction should would turn back and retreat. Poor thing...I think it made it hard for her to enjoy being there when she was so focused on having an escape plan.

Since the weather had been so beautiful, we have been making more trips to the park and playing outside. I wish the weather was like this year round...not too hot and not cold.

Here are some cell pics I got a week or two ago:

Here are some pics that we got last weekend.

Kylie's favorite place to be :)

Yay..going down the slide with mommy! Each time I tried to get her to go down with me, she would turn away...but this time we did it!

Kylie loves to swing, and then go down the slide and repeat again and again!

Kylie saw some bigger kids climbing around this wall, and she just had to do it too....with our help of course :)

Kylie quickly learned what it means to go to the park. She will happily say and sign wing (swing)and yide (slide) whenever we say that we are going to the park. I love how much she likes to swing. It wasn't her cup of tea when she was younger, but now she loves it! She gets upset whenever I tell her that we need to stop swinging and do something else, so as to give the other little ones a turn.

As you can see from all the pics, the park is our new home away from home, until the weather gets too cool, and then I have no idea what we will do.


The Adventures of Bobbie and Zach said...

It is a great park! D loves it as well! We'll have to meet up there sometime soon, now that it's finally not 100 degrees!! The pics of Kylie are so cute! She's starting to look so old and keeps getting more beautiful!

Bobbie :)

MJStump said...

So glad that Dylan loves the park too! Yes, we definitely need to get together with the kids and compare how big and amazing they are!


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