Thursday, September 30, 2010

the beginning of something great

Kylie has made great friends with one of her Kindermusik classmates, and I love how much they enjoy the playdates we've had over the past few weeks.

Kylie lights up when I tell her that we are going to meet him at the library or park or wherever. His mom tells us that he does the same thing too. I think it is great that she is beginning to make little friends and recognize them when we see them outside of class. I think it is important for her to feel comfortable around more people, and I hope that makes things easier for her when we are out and about.

Kylie has been doing amazingly well at giving hugs and kisses and high fives to her friends when we say goodbye to head home. It is so sweet, and makes me teary when I see it. I've even been doing the "ooohhhs and awwwws" when I see her do these precious things.

During one of our most recent playdates, I was able to capture a couple of these moments on my cell phone. Just look how cute they are together!

Sharing some snacks at the park.

The sweetest, most precious little kiss goodbye! (It took 3 kisses until I was able to get this shot)

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