Friday, September 24, 2010

All things Kylie

So it has been a little while since I have posted...sorry, I have been a little busy. Here is a peek at what has kept me away from the computer recently.

Yep, I have been getting crafty with making flower pins and hair clips. I had no idea they would be so labor intensive, but they are simply adorable and I love making them :)

Okay, so let's get to all things Kylie :)

She is just the cutest, sweetest, silliest, most amazing little girl! I know I saw those things a lot, but only because they are true!

Icky, Sticky Situations

She has started to be okay with things that are sticky and goeey, and just plain old messy. I know, I should be celebrating more, but I am really cringing inside. I don't think I can handle her being an icky, sticky little girl. Or that I will be cleaning up more things, and doing more laundry, and just wow...having to come outside of my comfort zone and be okay with these things.

We had taken a trip to the DQ with our neighbors and Kylie likes to eat her cone from the bottom most times, which obviously causes more opportunities for leakage and sticky gooeyness. When it got all over her hands, she didn't seem to mind one bit.

I, on the other hand, was thinking this is going to be soooo messy, and maybe we should just take the ice cream away from her. Of course that would have then made for a sticky, and very unhappy I let her finish it.

Oh, and lately she has been taking care of her own icky hands and fingers....she just wipes them on her clothes. Ahhh...yes, more laundry. She went from getting so upset with even water on her hands and freaking out, to just showing me her hands and fussing for me to clean them, to now taking matters into her own hands and using her clothes as a wash cloth.

The other thing that means for me, aside from more me being all panic-like and trying to get to her hands before she wipes them on herself. Where is the therapy for me to get used to this?

Baring it all

A post or two ago, I blogged about Kylie going on the potty. I can happily report that she has gone pee pee 11 times now! Yay for Kylie :) The best part is that she is getting excited about it now. She cheers for herself and then stands up and looks at what she has just done. It is so funny and cute.

Oh, the baring it part is that she has to be completely naked when she sits on the potty. No idea why, but she just does. Hey, as long as she goes I am fine with it...for now anyhow :)

A few days ago Kylie had started not wanting to go on the potty, so I told her that I would get her new books to read if she sat on the potty. So far it is working. I just sit her on the potty...naked and all, and then tell her I am going to get her a new book to read. They are just old books I put in her closet that she hasn't seen for a while.

And while I am looking for a new book, I hear Kylie say Ewww...and then Pee Pee, and she starts cheering. For some reason, she is more comfortable going potty when I leave the room. I'd call it being modes, except for the fact that she is naked. So I suppose it just means she wants her privacy :)

Kisses and Cuddles

I think it was last Tuesday when Kylie got her first kiss! So young I know :) We have had a few playdates with one of Kylie's classmates from Kindermusik and when we were leaving, he gave her a hug and a kiss. Now she was trying to get away from him, but it was so cute and her little friend is so sweet. She did try to reach her hands out to hug him, but then close though!

Apparently all the hugs she has been receiving from her little friend have helped her. We had a playdate yesterday with another little friend from her class, and Kylie gave the little girl a handful of hugs and high fives as we were getting ready to leave. I was soooo excited, because this is the first time she has initiated a hug with a little friend. And then she gave the mom a hug too! Amazing!

Rainbow of Colors

We are fairly certain Kylie knows most of her colors already. Sometimes you have to ask her twice, because she likes to be silly. There were a few days where she kept saying that everything was yellow. As far as we know she knows the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, black, white, and sometimes purple.

Dancing in the Rain

We had an umbrella opened up in the garage...drying it out from some recent rain we received. Kylie grabbed it and started saying rain. She started dancing around the driveway and turning it all around and playing with it. It was so cute, that I had to run in and grab the camera.

How cute would it have been if it was raining and she was playing in it! Only a matter of time I'm sure :)

Girly girl

I'm not sure Kylie will be the girly girl type, but she does have her moments. Matt's friend Branden recently went to Italy and he brought her back this adorable little purse. When he gave it to her, her face just lit up and she was uber excited!

The cutest is how she usually holds it. She puts it all the way up her arm and sticks out her arm to hold it up...adorable! She was playing with it outside, just before playing with the umbrella but wouldn't hold it when I tried to take a pic.

This is the best I got...when she was carrying it to go set it down and grab the umbrella.


For some reason, Kylie does not really like to wear shoes. Most times when we leave the house, we just take her shoes with us and put them on her when we get to wherever we are going. That saves us from having to find where she tossed them in the car, and from repeating the process of putting her shoes on.

She has even taken her shoes off a couple times when she has been outside. This is very new for Kylie. She will walk around on the driveway very carefully. Today she walked into a small flowerbed by the garage with her bare feet. I was in shock...I couldn't believe she was doing this. That and the fact that this meant she would be dirty.....I'm just not used to all this. Oh, and she apparently sat in some dirt somewhere because her bottom was all dirty too.

Here are a couple pics I snapped of her in her bare feet this afternoon.

I know, she has a hammer and some screws....she was helping daddy. And yes, she was supervised the whole time :) One of the songs from her Kindermusik class this semester talks about the sounds of things around the house....a hammer goes rap, rap, rap. Needless to say she was excited to see a hammer and she kept saying rap, rap.

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