Wednesday, September 8, 2010

something sweet

Just a few days ago we were at AB for dinner and I was kind of scared about the thought of ordering dessert. Lately the response from Kylie hasn't been a good one, and she gets so worked up and screams because she really wants it but can't have becomes too much for her.

I'm guessing all the stars in the sky were aligned just right, because she didn't even hesitate and had her mouth wide open and ready to take a bite!

Most of you may never know what it means to have something like this to celebrate. I wouldn't consider this something that is taken for granted, just something that you don't have any issues with.

We were both so excited to see that Kylie was able to enjoy every single bite she ate, and eagerly wanted more :) At the same time I was sad, that my little girl can't enjoy these things she should.

Today has been a pretty hard day for the two of us. We went to the library, where they were having "Walker Time." They do songs and a couple is for the little ones up to the age of 2 that like to run around and can't really sit through story after story. It's as if they had us in mind :)

Anyhow, just before that got started, I really wanted to find a book to read, and Kylie was doing a pretty good job at staying with me and then she was gone and I was terrified. From that point on I had to hold her...all kicking and fussing, because I like it when I can see her and I can function just a bit better when my heart hasn't stopped.

Next, was when we went into the room for Walker Time and Kylie kept trying to leave. Once things got started they shut the door...yay! She was just obviously uncomfortable, and fussing and squirming like she didn't want to be there. It wasn't overly crowded like some things are, but maybe it was because her escape route was closed off. It's tough because these are the very things that I need to keep exposing her to, but it is hard on my heart when I see how much stress it brings to her. Couple that with the wonderful looks other moms give you and I am ready to escape myself.

Then when I was preparing her lunch this afternoon, she communicated that she wanted pudding. I was scared to even try it, especially with how our day was already going. She got upset, and then I instantly put it away...out of sight out of mind, right? Ha, not with Kylie.

Not too much longer after that, she asked for it again so we tried it for the second time. I just handed it to her, thinking maybe she will want to just put her face in it like she has done before....nope, she asked for a spoon. It was sooooo very hard to see her go through this, but she eventually was able to work through it and eat it...yay for Kylie! She ate almost all of it too!

All I can say is that I am totally beat, and thinking a bowl of cereal sounds like all I can handle when it comes to cooking dinner tonight :)


Rochelle said...

Bless your heart, that does sound like a hard day.
Don't you worry about what any other moms think. You are doing a great job with Kylie.
Keep exposing her to the world. She is going to soar!!!

MJStump said...

Oh, thanks Rochelle! I know this day will pass and greater ones are around the corner...just wish I could be stronger on days like this.


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