Saturday, September 4, 2010

mocking bird

So Kylie is amazing and the last few days have been really good days for her and I. It is really fun lately, because she is imitating so many things we say to her and ask her to repeat to know, trying to stimulate more growth in her vocabulary and all.

Her recent favorite thing to say is hey. She doesn't just say it, she likes to yell it. I guess she got used to me saying it to her just before I would question what she was doing. Like the other day when I was brushing my teeth and didn't hear her playing anymore. I went to see what she was doing, and I was like "hey, what are doing?" She was putting on Matt's deodorant...she had just lifted up her dress to rub it on and ended up getting it on her tummy. I laughed after I smelled her tummy and realized yep...she definitely got some on herself.

I have been using flash cards a bit more often, and for a while she would sign what she saw on the cards, then point or find the cards the appropriate card when prompted to do so. This past week she would repeat the words on them when I would ask her doesn't last for too long, because she already knows this isn't all play and some work is involved, so I try to cram in as many as I can :)

Anyhow, just a few days ago she amazed me even more. Instead of me asking her to repeat what I was saying, I just held up the cards and said what's this? Here are pics of all the cards that she responded to, either pronouncing them correctly or a pretty close approximation of them:

The next step is to get her to start using these words in her every day vocabulary....I know she can do it! To make it seem like it was more fun than work, I made sure to toss some in there that I knew she could already say very well...that would get her excited and ready to do more :) She is so smart, that I have to be sneaky sometimes.

There are days when I get pretty bummed out when Kylie has super sensory issues and can't stand to eat things that she loves, or just can't handle things when we are out. I think it is because she has done phenomenal in handling things, that we sometimes forget that things aren't always as smooth as we would like them to be for her.

The other day she was so excited to get some pudding, but completely melted down when I got it out and had a spoonful ready for her. It broke my heart...I think she just got so worked up and excited about it, that it suddenly became too much for her, and she couldn't eat it. I decided to set it aside and be super silly and try to calm her down and make her worked too! I thought I would try to reintroduce it once she calmed down, and she had a spoonful in her mouth and then just let it fall back out of her mouth and down her clothes and onto the floor. She just wasn't ready to accept that kind of texture.

I did however learn something new the other day when her therapist and education coordinator came out to do her 6 month review. It is how much the change in weather and barometric pressure effect the intensity or severity of sensory issues. I mean, I always knew when the weather was changing or a storm was brewing that Kylie was extra fussy, but I never thought that it tied into her sensory issues. I'm so glad we have these people around to help us with Kylie and help us manage things as best we can!

Here is something that is pretty cute. Matt's mom brought some apple muffins over last weekend and this past week we enjoyed them for some snacks. One morning Kylie came to me and said muff...her way of asking for a muffin. I put one in a bowl for her, since I know she doesn't like to touch it, and she just held it up to her face to enjoy it. I loved that this was a time where she was able to figure out a way to get around her anxiety over touching it, and still enjoy the yummy treat!

Oh, I have another amazing Kylie moment to share :) While we were waiting for her therapist to come over for her review the other day....Kylie started taking her puzzle out to show the coordinator, and then Kylie wanted her to help put it together. Not only is it a huge thing that Kylie was initiating play with someone she doesn't see often (I think she has only seen her like 3 times or so), but she had us both speechless with our jaws dropped open. Kylie put 2 matching puzzle pieces together and found another piece that matched! Granted she has played with this puzzle a zillion times, but this is like super huge! This is well above her age level....woohoo!

The thing that Matt and I absolutely love right now is something that I started doing with Kylie this past week. I asked her if she wanted to do her ABCs...and then I said "A" and Kylie repeated it, all the way through the end of the alphabet! I bet it won't be too long before she can do it herself...actually a few times already she has skipped a letter and said the following one...she knows what comes next! Not only do we love hearing her cute little voice, we thought we would capture it on video and share with you all.

We did the video while in the is definitely easier to film her when she can't move :)

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