Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can't Touch This...Oh, Yes I Can!

Sometimes we make a stop on our way home from church on Sundays to get a donut...part treat and part sensory therapy for Kylie.

Our most recent donut experience was completely different from past ones. Just take a look for yourself:

It wasn't until after she had a couple bites where she realized she had some stickyness on her hands. She was okay to wipe her hands on her clothes to clean them, but I tried to stop that and h

Some days I never thought she would learn to be okay with touching something like that. I love how she is showing me all the more she can do...all the time!

Just look at how beautiful and happy she looks!

She is such a big girl and has overcome so much...makes me teary to even type about it. Love, love her so very much!

I Need To Go

Kylie has been doing absolutely great about going on the potty lately. We couldn't be more proud of her!

This last few times she has successfully gone in the potty was after she told us (either by signing or saying potty) that she needed to go. Wow, we never expected her to communicate this to us so soon after going on the potty.

Pretty much every time we put her on the potty she goes. So either she always has to go potty, or she is really getting the hang of it. I think she is getting this all figured out, and enjoys the cheers from us, and her rewards for going...candy and a sticker.

I recently cashed in some of my Pampers Rewards to get Kylie a Dora potty seat. It arrived in the mail yesterday and Kylie was super excited to receive a surprise from the mailman. She was all smiles as we opened the box and she got a glimpse of Dora.

Yesterday marked the first day that she used her potty seat on the big potty and she had success....not once but Twice!


Anonymous said...

She is just gorgeous. I know what you mean that your little girl is everything: so sweet and perfect. I can see a little of both of you in her....so neat to see 2 people in one little girl!! Hope you all are doing well!!
Katie, Jake and Laney

MJStump said...

Thanks so much Katie! We sure do miss you guys and hope you are all doing well and loving every moment with your precious little Laney!
Love ya!


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