Tuesday, September 14, 2010

charting the seas

Tonight was a HUGE night for Kylie, which meant tears and happy cheers from mommy.

So what happened? Just take a minute and re-read the title of this post, and tell me what you are thinking.

Kylie went pee pee in the potty!

We have been sitting on the potty for close to 3 weeks or so now, and at least twice a day with no results. Tonight was a different story...a happy story.

Just like we have been doing, we went upstairs to sit on the potty and see if anything happened. Kylie said eww, which is what she says when she toots, but she didn't toot....not that I noticed anyway. I thought I should check to see if maybe, just maybe something happened in her potty.

Sure enough there was a little tinkle from Kylie. I screamed and cheered so loud that she looked a bit frightened and tried to reach for me, and get off the potty. I told her it was okay, and that I was so proud of her. I continued clapping and cheering, and reinforcing how great it was that she went pee pee.

It was really cute because, she started squealing pee pee, and cheering along with me!

I ran to get a notebook of stickers that I had purchased a few months ago....planning ahead for a sticker potty chart. I told her to pick one sticker, and this is the one she picked:

I needed to give her a little treat too, but we don't keep much candy or things like that in the house. I searched and found a bag of almond joy candy coated pieces, and she loved it! I was sure if she would like the, but she did and asked for more. I told her only when she goes potty, so she went to sit on the potty again and then approximated the word chocolate.

So cute, so awesome!

Now I need to get or make a chart for her every time she goes potty. Something I will enjoy working on. Oh my goodness, she is getting so big! Didn't we just bring her home from the hospital....almost two years ago, and it has gone by all too fast.


Rochelle said...

Yeah Kylie! I so knew what this post was about just by the title =). Glad she is having success.

The Adventures of Bobbie and Zach said...

Yea Kylie!!! I'll admit, I didn't know what the title meant...I'll blame it on lack of sleep! I can't believe how big she's getting! She's going to be asking to borrow the car before you know it!

Bobbie :)

MJStump said...

Rochelle, we are super excited that things are beginning to go so well on the potty...it's a big, big step!

Bobbie, she is getting so big all too fast! Just think D is right behind her :)


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