Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wedding weekend, and Zoo fun

Still trying to play a bit of catch-up from July...just one more post after this, and I should be caught up :)

One of Matt's long time friend's got married mid July. The wedding took place in St. Louis just about 4 hrs or so away from here. We made the drive there, and Kylie did amazing on the way there! I'm certain she did better than me :) I have no idea how a child can watch the same movies over and over drives me nutso!

The groom's family has always been so gracious to us, so it was good to see them on such a special day for their family. The church was absolutely beautiful...the groom's parents were married in the same church 31 yrs ago! Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the battery died before the ceremony started..ughh!

I didn't even bring my charger for my little camera, but I did have a second camera back at our hotel. Would you believe that after snapping just 2 pics(blurry ones at that) at the reception that the battery died on that one too! We had the charger for this camera, but of course it was in the hotel :(

Here are a few pics I got of Kylie just before we left to go to the wedding & then of each of us with Kylie. I think she looks absolutely beautiful! Best part is her dress was free. I made it...I just took in one of my old tops, and used the scraps to make the flowers on her dress and headband.

After some fun on Picnik, I came up with these pics of Kylie:

A sweet pic of Kylie and Matt! Love this pic!

I swapped places with Matt and he got a pic of Kylie and love this picture of her and I!

We really wish we would have packed the battery to my little camera, because it also shoots video. You would have all been smiling and laughing away at how much fun Kylie had on the dance floor at the wedding. There was a time where she was in the center of the dance floor having the time of her life, while everyone was dancing all around her!

We could not get her off of the dance floor for anything...not even for wedding cake! We tried to join her on the floor and she just got mad and would just dance away from us. I was like oh no...she is only 2 and already embarassed to be seen dancing with her

It was a great time for all of us, and we were so pleased to have been invited to share in their special day.


The next morning, we wanted to meet up with Sophie and her family. Matt really wanted to go to the St. Louis Zoo despite the incredibly hot and humid weather they were predicting. Elaine and Brandon are so kind, that they agreed to meet us there with the kids, so we could cath up and have a good time with the kids.

Since we had the charger to the 2nd camera, I charged it when we got home from the reception, so it would be ready for the zoo.

It was so hot, and we all just kept trekking on in the heat...and searching for the air conditioned exhibits :) Whenever it was super hot...which was like the entire time :) and Matt would complain...I just reminded him that he wanted to do this. Though the weather conditions were not the best, it was wonderful to see them!

Once we left the first exhibit, Sophie grabbed my hand and just kept on talking to me. My heart just began to melt....she is so incredibly sweet, and it made me feel honored that she wanted to hold my hand. Maybe she will do this with most friendly people that are around her and her family, but it just means something so much different for me.

This is a little girl that shared a lot of the same beginnings of the crazy IS stuff that Kylie did and then so so much more. To have seen her last year and now to be seeing how truly AMAZING she is doing and how far she came just left me a bit speechless. To hold hands with this little girl, who is getting so big! was just like holding the hand of a new little girl...she is such an inspiration to know and be around.

Kylie and Sophie looking for the zebras that Kylie wanted to see

This was one of the indoor exhibits...yay for A/C! Kylie had taken her sunglasses off and Sophie was being silly and put them on. They both thought it was pretty funny!

This is pretty cute...the girls were having some sort of discussion either about the birds in the exhibit or where to go next. I just think it is so cute to watch little ones have conversations together.

Super cold exhibit on the way...Penguins. It wasn't just cold in there, it was freezing cold! Poor Kylie was actually shivering the whole time. It was worth it, the Penguins are so cute!

Trying to keep warm with dadda

Posing with a penguin! Okay, it was not a real penguin, but it's still cute.

Love this pic...all the kids lined up trying to see what in the water

It was incredibly hot, so we did not stay at the zoo much longer and I can not thank Elaine and Brandon enough for enduring the heat with us at the zoo. The kids did great, but I think it was taking its toll on all of us. Sophie came over to say goodbye to Kylie, and she gave her a hug and kiss. She is just the sweetest girl! Kylie was a bit uncomfortable about giving hugs at the time, but she did great when Sophie hugged her goodbye.

All and all, our trip to St. Louis was a great time...witnesses a couple's special day, shared and exchanged the great achievements of a child.

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Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Those are some great are quite the photographer!!! It was HOT but it was so great to catch up with you. It is amazing how much both our girls have grown in the past year. Thank you for the kind words you said about Sophie :)


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