Sunday, August 28, 2011

Random moments with constant cuteness

Yay..this will be the final post to get me caught up through July! Too bad August is about to end in just a couple days.

Our neighbors had gotten Kylie some super cute sparkly sandals and a cute Tinkerbell nightgown. We usually watch their cat when they go out of town, so they love to get things for Kylie as a way to say thank you! Kylie gets to play with their cat, and get some cute things, so she is loving it for sure.

Kylie just had to wear the jammies to bed the day we got them. I wanted to send the neighbors a pic of her Tinkerbell cuteness, so I asked Kylie to smile for me and this is what I got...

This is just one of many times that we played outside in the sprinkler, pool, and/or slip 'n slide.

What a cute smile!

Another neighbor of ours had their niece over one weekend to visit. We went to over and said hello, and then the little girl came over to play with Kylie for a bit. She was absolutely a doll! She is older than Kylie...I thought what a great little peer model for her to have :) It was simply adorable watching them play together.

Aren't they so sweet!

Towards the end of July, I was asked to make a giant cookie cake for a friend of ours daughter for her birthday. I called to tell the mom that it was complete and that I wanted to deliver it. She said to just bring it to the party, and that the girls wanted Kylie to come to the party too.

Kylie must have been sending them messages or something, because that whole morning she was saying she was going to the party, & I was trying to tell her that we were just dropping off the cookie cake.

It was so great that we got to go, because Kylie had a chance to interact more with the girls...they are from our life group at our church. She had so much fun & it was cute to see all the girls surround her, because they wanted to play with her...that cuteness of hers is like a magnet!

Below are a couple pics of her enjoying herself at the pool party.

Kylie and I playing in her playroom, and using the timer function on the camera...cheese!

Kylie always wants to help cook or bake in the kitchen...usually bake...I don't care too much for cooking :) And she never lets me forget to put an apron on her before we get started...she has 2, and usually picks a different one each time.

She is mashing up some bananas for our banana muffins.

One morning the sun was shining pretty bright in the playroom, so Kylie decided to put on her sunglasses. I thought it was so cute seeing her wear them, especially because she was still in her jammies. She just looks a little too cool in these pics.

On another playtime morning with jammies still on, Kylie brought down one of her purses filled with some bracelets. It was apparently time to take them out and put them all on.

I think little girls playing dress up is so I am just waiting til she insists on wearing all the jewelry and girly things out and about.

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