Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting Funky!

I have mentioned in past posts about us going to Funky Mama concerts. Kylie loves the music, and Funky Mama is so incredible, fun, and sweet, that we try to go to her concerts whenever we are available. We have chatted with Funky Mama a few times and she knows us now, so she always asks how Kylie is doing and is just so sweet!

I had gotten a bit off track from following Funky Mama, but our friend Bobbie let me know she was having an upcoming concert out at Park Place, so we added it to our MUST DO list last week.

As luck would have it, I forgot my camera, but Bobbie had hers and took some great pics and sent them to me...yay for Bobbie!

Here is a pic of the whole crew that we sat with to enjoy the show:

Just on the edge of her seat/blanket waiting for Funky Mama to start!

It is so incredibly cute to watch little kids dance around...even cuter when it's Kylie and Dylan!

During a brief intermission, the kids thought it would be fun to check out the fountains. Like how I named them in the pic below :)

Funky Mama has this super fun song "Pop n Hop" it is about popcorn and the kids get down low and she tells them to feel the ground because it is hot, and when she yells POP, they all jump up like they are popcorn popping. Anyhow, Funky Mama was singing a new song and asked the kids to get down low...Kylie immediately thought of the popcorn song, so she was about to blow on her hands in the pic below after checking for the hot ground...cuteness!

This is my all time favorite pic that Bobbie sent us...just look to see why :)

Matt took some cell phone video of Kylie dancing and it is pretty darn cute too! Below are 2 videos mushed together...the first one is up close, as Kylie was dancing right next to us, and the next one is when Kylie went to dance up front with the other kids...woohoo Kylie! Just look for the little girl in the yellow top and you will see her bouncing all around.

So why is all this so blog worthy? Well because it is Kylie and everything she does is cute and amazing!

Mostly because in the past she would be so excited to go see Funky Mama perform, but her sensory issues and anxiety would take over and she would just sit there and be very much stressed out. If we ever tried to encourage her to dance she would scream and get so upset.

This time was different, and it was so great for us to see how happy Kylie was when she got comfortable and started dancing...she even wandered up front with the other kids and danced all over. Yes, it made me cry...more than once :) I was so proud of her!

It totally helped that a couple little girls were dressed up as princesses, so she said she wanted to go see princesses and that meant she had to go up around the other kids and find them. Hey, whatever it takes is okay for see her smile and have such a great time with something that used to make her so uncomfortable was great for us to see!

Way to go Kylie!

Thanks to Funky Mama for sharing your music with us and watching Kylie grow and be Funky!


Rochelle said...

Awesome! So glad she is able to enjoy it! Funky Mama rocks!

MJStump said...

I know it was so incredible! Funky Mama is the best...lots of fun and so sweet!


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