Wednesday, August 24, 2011

4th of July..Kansas

I was about to do a blog post from last weekend, and then I said nope...I really need to get caught up from this summer. Just a couple days after we returned from Ohio, we attended our local city's 4th of July parade.

I took a million pics...what's new :) Some may look the same, but they are not...she is just so darn cute, that I had to take another pic, and post 'em all!

Oh, I made her dress and is a pic of a close up on one of the stars on the dress. It was my first time doing applique, and it wasn't too bad!

Relaxing in her chair, while waiting for the parade to start.

Something made her laugh...doesn't matter what it was, just love seeing that face!

Chatting with some folks that were sitting near us.

Something caught her eye, and she was pointing it out to us.

Love this pic!

She is just so darn cute!

My favorite clown...the hobo

I just melt when I see how beautiful she is!

I don't recall what was going by, but evidently she did not like it.

Still not sure about whatever it was....

...okay, definitely not liking it.

All and all, she loved the parade...not too crazy about the firetrucks, but who is. They are so loud. One thing I can say for sure is that the parade from McDonald, Ohio gave out wayyyyy more candy than ours did in Kansas. With that said, we are going to be in it next year and give out tons!

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