Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Boundaries

Well our princess is becoming quite the little explorer these days. It is amazing how quickly she cruises all over the place now...discovering things at all levels. Once she sees something she wants, she just motors on after it...there is no stopping her. She is a feisty little thing..just like her mommy :) ..I am learning how good and bad that can be, so it is definitely teaching me a few things about myself.

Anyhow, yesterday I left her playing downstairs while I hurried to put away the laundry, and I could hear that she was pretty loud. I figured she may be heading toward the stairs, so I came down to find that she was not only heading for the stairs, but she had already conquered 2 of them! Yes, she is a quick her daddy showed her the stairs and how to climb them shortly after she started to crawl. Oh Here is a pic I snapped of her in all her glory. She turned to see what I was doing, and slid down one step, but she was up one step higher.

So needless to say we had to run out and get a gate to set some boundaries for her. She is just getting quicker all the time, and finding new things to look at and go after. Hooray for Kylie!

We got her a swing for our tree in the back sometime last week. I figured it would be one more thing I could do to entertain her with during the day...and it gets me out of the house too. When she first gets in it and we give her the first push she gives us such a big smile. We just missed the big smile by the time I snapped this shot..but still, she is a cutie.

Today I decided to snap some pics of her while we were playing upstairs in the living room. Some of these pics are so cute! Don't you just love her little leg warmers!! They are perfect for protecting her knees as she moves about plus they are adorable too :)

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