Sunday, July 5, 2009

A little bit of freedom

Kylie has been off the ACTH for about 2 1/2 wks or so, and Saturday we all got to go out together and be around people! Since it was our first time out, and we aren't totally cleared to be out and about just yet, we thought we would make it an outdoors event. The city we live in has a 4th of July Parade every year, so we thought that would be a perfect opportunity to get out. I had grown up in a small town, and they always had a parade on the 4th that we watched every year (it went right down our street) I was extra happy to be able to share something that was just as special to me with our baby girl :)

We had spread out a blanket on the grass and brought some of Kylie's favorite toys to play with. She had a great time being outside (she Loves to be outside!), and taking in everything around her. She was somewhat unphased by the parade itself, but got super excited when the Louie Louie Band was playing as they marched on by. It was sooo cute to see her all kicking and smiling and talking as they played..she loves her music (when she is in her jumper at home, I play the radio and sing and dance to keep her smiley).

We met one of Matt's co-workers, Bobbie, her mom, and her little guy Dylan. Dylan is so cute and so tiny...I can't remember Kylie being that small! So Kylie and Dylan got to see their very first parade together...perhaps it was their first date :)

Well, enjoy all of the pics. Hopefully everyone got to have some well deserved down time and even a bit of freedom like we got to have :)

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