Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moving on Up

Wow, it is just amazing watching Kylie change and just continuing to grow into her own little person! She is our little doll baby, and we absolutely adore her. I had know idea I could love someone as much as I love my baby girl! She is napping right now and I get teary eyed just thinking about her and how she has changed our lives so much..okay, so now those teary eyes of mine are flowing. I can't help it...just look at how beautiful she is!

Since she has been off of the ACTH we have seen her so much more animated. She talks/babbles a lot more now, and it is so cute to hear her little voice! She just carries on and I could listen to her babbles all the least the quieter ones :) She can get loud, wow, she is definitely not shy with her thoughts and feelings...I just like to say she is very passionate about things :)

She has also been rolling around like crazy. Even prior to the diagnosis Kylie didn't like being on her tummy and didn't roll around too much. It was like after she learned how to roll both ways, she didn't do it anymore. We just figured she checked it off her list of what she could do and was moving on to other things. Maybe that was it, maybe not. Whatever the case, she is like a little barrel now just rolling all over the place. She's our little rolley polley!

Kylie really wants to crawl, but isn't quite there yet. On June 25th she started something we like to call the swim crawl. When she is trying to reach for something while on her tummy, she kicks her feet and brings her arm up around front to grab the desired object (usually the remote or our cell phones), and then tries again with the other arm. I swear it looks like she is swimming! She is great at scooting herself backwards, and boy does she not like it when she is further from her targeted object. Soon enough she will be going forward...she's getting so close!

Kylie has learned to pull herself up from sitting to standing! She did it for the first time on July 8th during a visit from our PATs educator. She has been working on this for some time and finally tackled this challenge. She just tries so hard and gets frustrated, but keeps going. We are so proud of her!

It is just utterly amazing to see how much she has changed since being off of this medicine. Well, it's not just since she has been off of the meds, but even before everything happened. Just about every night Kylie has a giggly moment....she will just laugh at whatever we say or do, and it is so cute! She is so much more full of life now and really sees more of's kinda hard to explain. Today for instance, I was playing with her and putting a ball down the side of one of her toys and it comes out the bottom (something we have done many times before and she never cared or really noticed), and she started to laugh and then she tried it over and over again!

There are always lessons to be learned in these trials we are faced with...trials we can't seem to understand as we stumble to get through them. I'm not sure if I read this somewhere or just thought about it, but it's like we were whispered a bit of a secret with all we went through with Kylie. You see, so many of us take things for granted and miss out on all the little things in life..not celebrating or thanking God for what He has given us and done for us. Through all of this we are more grateful for what we have and how He has blessed us. It's like we are the lucky ones because we know how precious every thing is...there is nothing little in our lives, everything is big, everything is worth celebrating! Everything Kylie does is amazing. She is filled with the Spirit and we get to see His love for us every time we look into her eyes and see another smile. How do you not see joy, hope, and love in that precious face of hers.

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