Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Moving on Up

Well last Friday was a bear of a day with miss Kylie. It began when I put her down for her morning nap. She has been pretty good (for the last week or two) about putting herself to sleep, and that was not happening this day. After a few minutes of doing more than just fussing I go up to find that she had managed to get one leg underneath the bumpers and wedged through one of the slats in her crib. I rocked her and calmed her down and put her back down, just to repeat this process again in a few minutes. She fell asleep for maybe 20 minutes and then the loud talking and fussing began...I was thinking this can not be happening again. This is what I found when I went into her room.

Well she didn't get a leg stuck this time, but I was almost wishing that was the case when I saw her. I guess she was thinking she could try and break out or something. So needless to say she didn't get much of a nap, which just set the scene for the rest of the day. She has been quite the handful lately. Just extra fussy and wearing me out. I'm not sure if she is just getting bored more quickly, because she is only content with something for a few minutes before she fusses and wants something else. Plus with her being more mobile and pulling up on everything, I worry that she will lose her balance or something and bump her head..something that is typical with little ones, but we can't afford to have anything happen to that little noggin of hers. So of course I worry about leaving her for too long...if I leave the room, I am checking on her like every 2 minutes or so. I know in time I will get more comfortable with things and, but for now it is kinda nuts for me.

With her recently learning to crawl, she will sometimes do a bit of a bear crawl or something. She is on all is cute and kinda silly. Sometimes she will do this even when she isn't's like she is trying to stand up, and then just holds that position as she realizes she has nothing to grab onto to hold her up. This was the best I was able to do at capturing her bear crawl.

What's better than a smile like this after all that hard work of moving around :)

The pics below were taken last night. She was definitely on the move and on a mission. Outta my way, I'm coming through and there's no stopping me...

...except for those stairs. She found the stairs, and tried so hard to get her leg up, but they are just too little to get up over the step. She tried and tried though...such a determined little lady. So yes, we will soon need to get working on blocking those off.

So yes, she is wearing me out, but it's a good thing. She is continuing to hit those milestones and for that we are so grateful. Just thanking God every day for how blessed we have been. Blessed to be the parents of this precious little girl! That is the best gift ever..she is amazing and we love her so much!

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Laura said...

Oh no....stairs. They freak me out with little ones. She looks great though Jody. :)


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