Sunday, July 19, 2009

Guess Who Can Crawl

For the past few weeks Kylie has been mobile, just not forward. She's been able to roll around in pretty much any direction and she's recently started kind of crawling backwards. Well, crawling really isn't the right word, it's more of a scooting action where her goal is to go from prone to sitting. It's really pretty entertaining to watch.

Well, just today she started crawling towards things she wanted! This video is of her first attempts, so it's not the most efficient, but she's definitely going FORWARD, towards whatever she wants. She's actually done a little better between taking the video and posting this, but since the clip is of her first successful crawling, we thought we'd post it. It's kind of dark, but you'll get the idea!


Anonymous said...

You go, Kylie!!! How exciting. A whole new world is hers now that she's on the move.

Barb from KC

Anonymous said...

This made me cry! How great!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so precious!! So good to hear you two's voices. Hope things are gonig well! Your little girl is growing up!!
Miss ya,


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