Saturday, July 11, 2009

Above and Beyond

So, we haven't posted anything recently...which means no news...and no news is good news!

I thought I'd share a little bit about an amazing person we met because of what's been going on with Kylie. Frequent readers will remember that while on the ACTH we had to make bi-weekly trips (every Monday and Thursday at 4:30!) to our pediatrician's office. During one of the first visits - it may have actually been the first of those bi-weekly visits - we were introduced to one of the most kind and caring individuals I've ever met. Were obviously still in shock about the diagnosis, it would would have been on a Thursday, just two days after we left the hospital.

The nurse had taken us back to the room and done what would soon become routine. Strip Kylie down to a clean, dry diaper and take her out to be weighed. Then back to the exam room for blood pressure. I don't remember everything about that day, but as I said, that exercise became second nature after about nine weeks (around 18 visits). The nurse told us the doctor would be right in and left us to wait. After a few minutes Dr. Nelson came in and checked Kylie out - but before he left he told us that his nurse wanted to let us know she wanted to come to our home and help us out with Kylie for a little bit so we could have a mini-break.

We later found out that this nurse didn't want us to think she was weird by asking us directly, so she had Dr. Nelson ask!

Well, Nurse Rosemary has come over a handful of times and we've all just kind of relaxed and visited during those stays. Between these visits and our nearly twenty appointments, we got to know her pretty well. She is a wonderful person that obviously went well above and beyond her job description in coming into our home and helping out with Kylie. Not only that but she always greeted us with a smile and took the time to catch up during the appointments.

Here's a picture of Rosemary with Kylie during one of the more recent visits at home

A big thank you to Rosemary!

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