Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend of pics

Okay, so amidst of all our running around this weekend, I took some time to capture some pics of our baby girl. Here are a couple of her in the swing outside. The last one is my fave..those sweet innocent eyes...they just make your heart melt!

I just love this pic..those cheeks are so adorable...they just say sweet baby girl :)

Here are some of her looking out the front window. She loves to look outside and be outside too.


Our Sweet Sophie said...

I love the pics!!! Kylie is absolutely adorable. And those outfits...way too cute. I need to find out where you shop.

MJStump said...

Aww, thanks Elaine! We have been lucky enough that we haven't needed to buy clothes for Kylie lately. Most of her clothes come from her grandmas and her great-grandma, and from friends. I'm pretty sure they go to Kohl's and Target though.


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